Friday, August 14, 2009

No Time

Time as we think of it is just that; thought. Thoughts of time appear in timeless being in which all things appear and disappear.

When we see what appears to be continuity of time it is an illusion.

Any thing that appears in this moment to have an association with another so-called past event is only that past event appearing now in the midst of anything and everything else appearing now. Meaning, there is no past event beyond what appears in this moment, be it a thought, a form, or whatever appears now in and as THIS.

What is appearing now is a unique energetic expression that manifests in timeless being.

Things seemingly past and present are already merged in essence as one and their uniqueness of expression appears as an infinite and eternal cascade, forming patterns that appear to be familiar and distinct at the same instant.

So in the story of a self that seems to exist independently from other selves and other things there also appears a concept of a past existence, of a continuity of a separate entity living apart from "others" with its own history. This is fine for the dreamer. But when awakening from the dream it is all seen as illusion. A passing show on its way back to nothing.

Look into the so-called past. Where is it? Where does it exist? In thought only. An artifact from the so-called past appears only in this moment with a dream story attached to it. The present moment never exists as time either. Where can it begin and stop? NOW?

There is no time as in past, present and future. Only timeless being. You are this timelesssness of being.

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