Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Humility of Arrogance; Arrogance of Humility

Humility and arrogance come and go within awareness. Neither of them, or any other experience can define the magic and majesty of this being that you are. Look into them and see that they have no independent self-substance, but are dependent upon each-other. Look deeper and see that they appear to be in your field of experience, but upon closer observation are not really there as things that have lasting definition or lasting importance to themselves. They are concepts. When they are seen as concepts of a momentary perception that have no independent power to stand up as any real and lasting definition of your self, then they can be released as quickly as they appear. There really is no humility or arrogance beyond a momentary perception of an energetic stance that can possibly define the magic and majesty of this mystery that you are. In arrogance there is humility, in humility there is arrogance. This way they are seen as ephemeral waves that hold no power over the mysterious beauty that is this presence of awareness. Humility and arrogance are merely aspects of all that appears and disappears within the beautiful being that you truly are.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Q: What is Faster Than Mind?

This oneness itself has been named countless names, including original mind.

Because all that is already is this oneness itself, then there is nothing that could ever be a movement beyond it.

If there is a movement of mind then it is the movement that is the all-pervading stillness, being this oneness itself, that is all that is.

So no, there is nothing faster than mind, because mind is always being the absolute oneness that this is.

Knowing this is being this and is the movement that already always is.