Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Every Thing is Impermanent

Every thing is impermanent.

Grasping impermanence is bondage to suffering.

Even in thoughts are made prisons of belief.

Attempting to not grasp is grasping the attempt to not grasp.

Any endeavor to free oneself is suffering because it is a grasping of a desire to be free from grasping and suffering.

That there appears to be one who could grasp or not grasp is a key to the puzzle, as in the grasping and an identity as a personal, separate self are the same energetic expression.

But actually nothing can be done or not done.

What seems to be doing or not doing just happens, to no one, whether or not there appears to be a someone.

Nothing really matters or doesn't matter in impermanence because nothing really happens or doesn't happen

to no one.


klaus s said...

So I light my cigarette and read your post.

No Plane Zen said...

Good story Klaus. Thanks for sharing.