Monday, August 31, 2009

Eternity, Infinity, Impermanence

Right here, right now, is found infinity and eternity. Where else are these qualities found?

Except in imagination, no other place and time can be found.

Here and now is also found impermanence.

Eternity, infinity, impermanence of appearance, none of these qualities are separate and distinct.

All 'things' appear and disappear eternally and infinitely.

From what do they appear and disappear?

What observes this?

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Anything that appears within experience proves to be impermanent.

Some things appear to be more permanent than others, but ultimately when looked into they are also seen to be impermanent.

When everything is looked through and seen to be impermanent, what is left?

Are you still 'here' ?

Friday, August 28, 2009

This Is It

Nothing ever happened.

From where does anything come and to where does anything go?

This is it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Direct Experience

Direct experience.

Nothing else.

What else is there?

Imagination, thought, belief, all appear in direct experience.

See What Happens

Peter Brown says,

"Now here's the punch line. You want to look at the back of the book to see what happens? This is what happens:

God wins "

Friday, August 21, 2009

Everything and Nothing

Not only does everything matter

But also nothing matters

At all

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Each One is the Universe

Universe, God, Oneness, whatever label is used to describe the

indescribable, that One is embodied in appearance.

Appearance is eternally infinite.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Every Thing is Impermanent

Every thing is impermanent.

Grasping impermanence is bondage to suffering.

Even in thoughts are made prisons of belief.

Attempting to not grasp is grasping the attempt to not grasp.

Any endeavor to free oneself is suffering because it is a grasping of a desire to be free from grasping and suffering.

That there appears to be one who could grasp or not grasp is a key to the puzzle, as in the grasping and an identity as a personal, separate self are the same energetic expression.

But actually nothing can be done or not done.

What seems to be doing or not doing just happens, to no one, whether or not there appears to be a someone.

Nothing really matters or doesn't matter in impermanence because nothing really happens or doesn't happen

to no one.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Thoughts Have Vanished

When thoughts have vanished nothing is right or wrong, there is just this as it is. Everything appears in a whole mysterious freshness, a newness. A depth of being is revealed as present, not hidden, not beneath a veneer of illusory labeling, and everything loses its description because the fog or veil of conceptualism has never been, can never have been. No feelings of tiredness or awakeness, or any other feelings that make a personal story. What were dishes being washed is still happening, perhaps, or maybe not, but it is no longer dishes and no longer washing, and at the same time it is. Wonder and commonplace are merged into a richness of unexplainable, incapturable isness.

And then thoughts are once again center stage (or somewhere thereabouts I suppose, it doesn't much matter).

Appearances of Appearances

Sufferings and hobbies are just appearances of appearance in this show of illusion's reality.

Children starving appear to appear in this appearance too.

The show appears to go on as long as it appears to.

What to do?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Complete Mystery

Walking along the avenue with my kid in tow and looking at the people. 'They' are not 'me'. Every one of them different. Each one of them with a different expression and a different gesture considering me in their momentary posturing that is likely a habitual stance. 'Me', looking at 'them' out of a likewise habitual stance. What are they to me? A complete mystery. What am I to them? A complete mystery. What am I to myself? Unknowingness. Mystery. Complete. That is what makes us the same. Our eyes shine the light of complete mystery. And vibrating in and as all place and moment the stunningness of this appearing with no possible hold or claim from any thing, because this unknowness is everything. Nothing can claim the mystery of this. All that is.


Artifacts appear there stuck in the ground until I pick them up and study them to find out that they are still just artifacts.

An artifact (any thing, even a thought) exhibits the truth of the universe because all apparent things exhibit that. All things are completely the entire universe in that no thing exists separately.

So I can pick up an artifact and study it many different ways, looking at various infinite aspects all the way to the subatomic as far as measuring will allow. Doing this is what makes a thing an artifact.

There is nothing wrong of course with studying artifacts. What is already remains when that is done.

A mystery.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Every Thing is Impermanent

Every thing is impermanent. Grasping impermanence is bondage to suffering. Even in thoughts are made prisons of belief.

No Time

Time as we think of it is just that; thought. Thoughts of time appear in timeless being in which all things appear and disappear.

When we see what appears to be continuity of time it is an illusion.

Any thing that appears in this moment to have an association with another so-called past event is only that past event appearing now in the midst of anything and everything else appearing now. Meaning, there is no past event beyond what appears in this moment, be it a thought, a form, or whatever appears now in and as THIS.

What is appearing now is a unique energetic expression that manifests in timeless being.

Things seemingly past and present are already merged in essence as one and their uniqueness of expression appears as an infinite and eternal cascade, forming patterns that appear to be familiar and distinct at the same instant.

So in the story of a self that seems to exist independently from other selves and other things there also appears a concept of a past existence, of a continuity of a separate entity living apart from "others" with its own history. This is fine for the dreamer. But when awakening from the dream it is all seen as illusion. A passing show on its way back to nothing.

Look into the so-called past. Where is it? Where does it exist? In thought only. An artifact from the so-called past appears only in this moment with a dream story attached to it. The present moment never exists as time either. Where can it begin and stop? NOW?

There is no time as in past, present and future. Only timeless being. You are this timelesssness of being.