Sunday, December 21, 2008

Auto Body Shop

Ever notice how an individual's car looks like them? Like when driving around you see people who are behind the wheels of vehicles that seem to be extensions of themselves? One could explain that they choose cars that look like them. One might say that it is coincidence. Another might go so far as to say it is a symbiosis of similar energetic patterns; the person's and the vehicle's energies attracting and matching up, which is what I have thought for awhile now. But I've been thinking lately that it is more than merely a cohesive matching of energetic patterns. I have seen it as an even more unified thing. Neither the person nor the vehicle is a separate energetic pattern, and what is seen as an interesting matchup is actually one energetic expression. The car would not look like it does alone without the individual and vice versa. And taking it further one can see that there really is no such thing as a separate energetic expression meeting another one in all the landscape of the moment and everything matches just perfectly in the universe, though perhaps judged in a dualistic sense in the human mind scheme of things.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Light From Your Eyes

My Dear,

The Light from your eyes

Shines everywhere!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making Things Out Of Thought Is Illusion

It's best not to try and make anything out of anything because things are just of the mind of thoughts.

The mind of thoughts is an endless chase after things, or thought after thought. That is the function of the mind of thoughts.

Watch the thoughts gather and dissipate like clouds upon a mountain peak.

Ultimately the core thought of a "me" fades as well and freedom is recognized as the original mind, or the awareness behind all appearances and "things".

Who or what is watching? Your true nature. The underlying awareness that is the source of all appearance.

There is no thing that stands alone as a separate reality.

Grasping at things, or thoughts, is a cause of suffering.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This Is All There Is, Timeless Being

This is all there is, there is no other. If there is something other than what is being experienced right now then show it to yourself. Where else is anything really happening? When else are thoughts and memories occuring? The only thing that can be said for sure is that this is happening here, right now. The thought that something else is happening to someone else somewhere else is only a thought happening right here and now. You can call a friend and they can verify that they are doing something else somewhere else, but when you make that call what your friend tells you is only happening right here and now.

All is merely an appearance happening right here and now. This is all there is. There is no other. Nothing lasts but the here and now which is timeless Being.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Where Are You? What Is This?

A good exercise for looking into what you are compared to what passes within you.

View any inanimate object in your immediate landscape. My son and I were just looking at a parking meter that stood out before us outside the University Library. So just choose something and have a look and ask yourself honestly and deeply:

Has that object ever existed before? Has it ever existed in some kind of a past? If you answer yes, then where and when is that past object and space in which it appeared? Can you locate such a thing and event?

Does that object ever exist in a future? If yes, then where and when does that object appear? Where is this object and space in which it appears? Is there ever a future in which such an event ever occurs and an object appears?

Is that object appearing now? If yes, then where is that object and space of now in which it appears? Can you ever fix such a thing in a present moment? Is there ever a now in which the object appears?

Are there really any things that appear ever? Or, are things just impermanence? Does any thing or any time ever really exist independently?

Upon seeing the non-existence of existence then look for your self. Where and when do you appear in these observations? Do you ever appear in all of this? Or does all of this seem to appear in you?

Friday, October 31, 2008

And No Religion Too

If anyone shows you a religion they say is structured around direct perception of Self, run the other way. There are no objects of ritual in nonduality, there is no hierarchy of god(s), no buildings or symbols. There is only the self-aware nakedness of Self perception. Pure direct experience of the totality of the awareness of self-nature. No body or no thing can ever stand in the way or demand anything of you for you to know yourself as the freedom of pure awareness. Everything appears in and as awareness itself. There is no other, there are no others. Organizations and gatherings of like-minded expressions of Self are just fine, so long as they are not structures of belief systems that have anything to do with other than friendship and fellowship in unadorned awareness. Religion is unnecessary. Awareness of self nature which is pure wisdom is the true, unfiltered compassion. From that all things are seen to because all things are known as the same Self in countless expression.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Illusion of Birth and Death

If you see yourself as a someone having been born at some point in space and time, then you see yourself as a someone who will die at some point in space and time.

Look within, into your own experience of being for the event of your creation and you will see that you were never created.

Can you find a space and time of a birth?

If you see that you were never born you will see that you cannot die.

The only birth and death is of the mind of phantom thoughts.

You are timeless awareness.

Friday, October 24, 2008

You Are Always Free

No-one can ever own you for you are not a thing limited to concepts of birth and death. Can you find in your experience a beginning?

Monday, October 13, 2008

In The Way

Nature provides for itself because nature is The Way of the natural expression of life. For example, when hunger occurs, nature fulfills the whole scenario of hunger with all of the manifestations of the event.

Humans have constructed beliefs that attempt to fulfill the hungers of an assumed self that is seen as separate from nature. This is sometimes called an 'ego', a false self (false in that it appears to be a separate existence) created by a labyrinth of mental abstractions of repeated thoughts that revolve around a central "I" thought.

Human being can include the seeming act of being a matrix maker employing this conceptual way of being. Actions that stem from such identification in a believed in individual self are often labeled as 'evil', or just simply actions that are often done in ignorance of the true and natural Way. The ego "lives apart" from the harmonious flow of nature.

Being "in the way" leads to suffering.

Being in "The Way" opens to the realization of eternal bliss of Being.