Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where and when is any of THIS happening?

Where and when is any of THIS happening?

The dishes are being washed, the sunlight shines through the window, the fly lands and then takes off, and all along where and when does any of THIS happen?

Thoughts form and dissapate. Feelings in the body rise and fall. Where and when do these occur?

Here and now?

Is there anything other than here and now?

Where is the past and future? Do the past and future really ever exist?

And here and now is such a phantom. In a sense it never really exists because here and now is always gone, ever to be replaced with here and now.

What are you? Do you exist here and now? Is THIS event that never really exists yet is simultaneously all there really is what you are?

What are you? What is here and now? What is THIS?

Are you THIS?

Are you the ultimate mystery?

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