Friday, February 20, 2009

Ever New Now

There is no past, no future and no concrete present when it comes to the phenomenal world. If someone disagrees then they can try and show me where and when things existed, will exist, or exist now. Even things now are ever changing from moment to moment.

I have been working on understanding that ALL possibilities exist simultaneously. That has been somewhat difficult to realize because there is only presented an ever-shifting fluidity of experience that appears now, and now, and now. Any known possibilities are also contained in this here now as thought. I can only presume that unknown possibilities exist as well perhaps as unmanifest thought. The infinite possibilities are only that; infinite possibilities. They don't all appear together in a manifested way (not to my perception anyway).

Now it appears to be more clear that the phenomenal creation is always dynamically emerging from source. And because phenomena ARE ultimately source, then it is a constantly reinventing radiation of NOW.

So really, THIS appears as ultimate possibility. All thoughts of past present and future appear in this ultimate possibility. THIS appears to have time-space continuity, but really is in all ways the one original expression of source.

Source appears ever new, ever now and can be found as the underlying reality of the appearance of phenomenon.

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