Monday, October 13, 2008

In The Way

Nature provides for itself because nature is The Way of the natural expression of life. For example, when hunger occurs, nature fulfills the whole scenario of hunger with all of the manifestations of the event.

Humans have constructed beliefs that attempt to fulfill the hungers of an assumed self that is seen as separate from nature. This is sometimes called an 'ego', a false self (false in that it appears to be a separate existence) created by a labyrinth of mental abstractions of repeated thoughts that revolve around a central "I" thought.

Human being can include the seeming act of being a matrix maker employing this conceptual way of being. Actions that stem from such identification in a believed in individual self are often labeled as 'evil', or just simply actions that are often done in ignorance of the true and natural Way. The ego "lives apart" from the harmonious flow of nature.

Being "in the way" leads to suffering.

Being in "The Way" opens to the realization of eternal bliss of Being.

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