Friday, October 31, 2008

And No Religion Too

If anyone shows you a religion they say is structured around direct perception of Self, run the other way. There are no objects of ritual in nonduality, there is no hierarchy of god(s), no buildings or symbols. There is only the self-aware nakedness of Self perception. Pure direct experience of the totality of the awareness of self-nature. No body or no thing can ever stand in the way or demand anything of you for you to know yourself as the freedom of pure awareness. Everything appears in and as awareness itself. There is no other, there are no others. Organizations and gatherings of like-minded expressions of Self are just fine, so long as they are not structures of belief systems that have anything to do with other than friendship and fellowship in unadorned awareness. Religion is unnecessary. Awareness of self nature which is pure wisdom is the true, unfiltered compassion. From that all things are seen to because all things are known as the same Self in countless expression.

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