Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clarifying an earlier post (some of my posts are beyond help;-)

Someone somewhere referred to my December 30th post, 'Lila', as "Sticking one's head in the sand".

No problem, I understand that position.

But what I wrote was from a point of view of being disengaged from the dream manifestation of things and events, unattached from the karma of a separate individual.

Here is that earlier post:

"Karma is the dream that never completes, because karma has never begun. It appears within the oceanic timelessness of being as the play of consciousness manifestation."

Look into karma and see that it is not merely a concrete, conceptual experience of the suffering of an individual person in a universe of time and space.

The appearance of an individual who suffers karma in time and space is all together the same illusion, or distorted view.

Of course there is 'karma'. As an example, pain reeling through as energetic, bodily event, is direct karmic experience that perhaps cannot be avoided. But it needn't be known narrowly as a thing that happens to a "me", with the conceptual/emotional attachment that binds to perpetuation of suffering.

Karma is the ever changing, and in a sense never actually existing, expression of cosmic consciousness,

The Big Bang

Karma belongs to no one but all that is, because there is no one but all that is. Karma is the fluidic appearance of all that is manifesting within the absolute.

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