Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Am Dreaming

I am never anywhere but here, now.

Even that is a dream.

Who is dreaming?

I am the dream.


tom sullivan said...

Still waiting for message; it hasn't shown up on my e-mail....Also, I would like to know why you named your blog,"No Plane Zen."... Re this post, I like verb-form pointers,e.g. dreaming, more than noun-form ones,e.g. dream.

tom sullivan said...

Sorry to be nit-picking; I wouldn't last long in the diplomatic corps.

No Plane Zen said...

Just saying hi to a fellow Tucsonan :-)

Don't know why my message didn't get to you.

Verbs and nouns ;-)

No Plane Zen said...

About the 'no plane zen' blog name, I really don't remember if I had a specific reason for using it. The name just seemed to fit at the time. There really is nothing definitive and absolute in any of these words I use. It's just stuff I feel like writing down in an attempt to put words to insights, or something like that perhaps.

tom sullivan said...

Thanks. I don't believe anyone's words can be absolute. However, I've been influenced by the author Wei Wu Wei and believe that there can be value in using words with whatever precision I can muster. That's something I'm trying for in my blogs; I'll try not to inflict that demand too much onto yours. ;-)

No Plane Zen said...

Exactness has been one of my frustrations. I fear that I have given in to sloppiness. Perhaps it reflects on my lack of realization. Nonetheless I continue on with a laugh.

I do applaud your efforts though.

Please keep up the good work.

tom sullivan said...

Thanks for your kind support. I admire your lack of heaviness('light-enment :)